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Cultural Frequency - My Desert Rose

16 feb 2023

This is a band that will blow your mind away for sure

Half pacific northwest and half from the Yucatan, Cultural Frequency is a band that features a modern sound laced with some ecstatic old-school instrumentation. This is a band that will blow your mind away for sure. The band recently made its debut with the album named ‘Heard The News Today?’ which is surely a masterpiece that will live on for ages. The band surely knows how to deliver a sound that resonates with the masses and energizes the soul. Do give this band a go if you’re into tracks that feature some intricate musical elements and some ecstatic musicality.

When I came across the album, there was one song in particular that caught my special attention and made me fall in love with the band! The track is named ‘My Desert Rose’. The track packs some immersive instrumentation and vocals that are overflowing with emotions. The guitars are true structural beauties and surely have a unique ring attached to them. The drums are impactful and act as the backbone of the track. The distorted yet subtle sound is what had me hooked on to this band. The vocals are well arranged and the lyrics are so well written that they will induce several chills down your spine. Overall, this is a track that can make you groove with it right off the bat. Do give this track a go and trust me you will be hooked for life. I an surely adding it to my personal playlist as this is just what I love the most.


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